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Name:Ensheng Shi


I am a joint PhD student, supervised by Dongmei Zhang, Shi Han, Yanlin Wang and Prof. Hongbin Sun, between Microsoft Research Asia and Xi’an Jiaotong University.

I am mainly focusing on code intelligence (intersection of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence), which leverages artificial intelligence approaches to analyze and model source code and its related artifacts. Specifically, it utilizes the machine learning model to mine knowledge from large scale, free source code data (Big Code) which is available on Github, etc, obtains the better code representation (based on code token/ AST/ PDG/ IR etc) and applies the representation to the downstream tasks such as code summarization, code search, clone detection, code completion, program repair, etc.

My research areas currently include: (1) Code Represention Learning; (2) Code Summarization; (3) Code Search; (4)Commit Message Generation

Affiliation:Xi’an Jiaotong University
Research interests:Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Progrom Understanding, Code Intelligence


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